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About us

Chota Community Health Services (CCHS) is a non-profit Community Health Center, whose purpose is to offer comprehensive primary healthcare to the residents of the Monroe County area in East Tennessee.  It was founded under the belief that our community should not have to travel to the 'bigger' cities in other counties in order to receive top notch medical care.


CCHS follows the 'medical home' model, which is a team-based care delivery philosophy that emphasizes coordination and communication.  Your care team will work with you to see that your needs are met, whether they be medical, behavioral, or otherwise.  We will coordinate your care for you, working with specialists,diagnostics, and any external resources that you and your team identify as necessary.  CCHS believes in comprehensive care -- taking care of people as a whole, and not in pieces.  We also believe that building a stable, lasting relationship with your healthcare provider is vital to your ongoing health.  

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