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What's that?

School-based clinics are exactly what they sound like - clinics located directly within the Monroe County schools.  Through our unique partnership with the school system, we're able to help provide high quality, affordable and comprehensive medical services by professional staff.


These clinics have many benefits, including:


· Promoting healthy lifestyle choices and empowering youth to take responsibility for their health and healthcare


· Reducing barriers to healthcare by being conveniently located in schools during the day so parents don’t have to take time off from work


· Promoting and supporting Academic Success

What services are offered?

Routine physicals exams including sports physicals and EPSD&T


· Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of minor illness and injury


· Immunizations


· Routine lab test


· Prescription medications


· Vision, dental, BMI, and blood pressure screenings


· Health education, counseling, and wellness promotion


· Appropriate referral to outside agencies

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